Spin Magazine "Pop Report"

Spin.com gave priases to "Like We're Famous", and amongst great company.

"While Betty Who is off crafting the follow-up to last fall’s stellar Take Me When You Go — and while Kesha is legally bound from releasing new music for the foreseeable future — Alexx Mack is swiftly hopscotching into the bubblegum-with-brains void they left behind. Her Like We’re Famous EP consists of four songs that all sound like they’re as expensive and well-crafted as Bonnie McKee cowrites and Dr. Luke productions. Alexx Mack strips memories of Katy Perry’s clobbering “California Gurls” and “Teenage Dream” for parts and builds up a tidy repertoire of whip-smart modern pop. “Bad” takes the syncopated guitar so favored by the Swedes mixing pop’s potions and tosses 8-bit chimes and cowbells into the cauldron. Mack herself is an immediate draw, her brash, reedy voice the perfect conduit for big, synth-layered productions. One or two verses could use some thematic tinkering, but damn if the sun isn’t shining brighter when Mack’s songs come blasting through."


Source:  Spin.com