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There is a new synth-pop princess on the scene, and her name is Alexx Mack. The rising talent hit the scene a few years ago, earning the attention of several industry experts with her joyful brand of electro-anthems and powerhouse vocals. Earlier this month, Mack released her debut EP Like We’re Famous, and she’s ready to start a party (and keep it going all night long) with the release.

Armed with a hugely infectious lead single (more on that later) and a collection of other delicious synth-pop cuts, Like We’re Famous serves as an excellent introduction to the rising talent.

The EP’s lead single “Bad” is, without a doubt, one of the most joyously defiant tracks in recent memory. Over an 80’s inspired production of crashing drums and insistent synth, the musician poses the most tantamount of questions: “why does it feel so good to be bad?” If you ask Alexx Mack, she’ll let you know that it feels so good because “no f*cks are given, and that’s the best.” Basically, she has achieved hero status, and we’d like to propose a toast to that mentality.

Suffice it to say that she makes her opinion very clear on this playful anthem! There is nothing timid or shy about Mack’s vocal performance on “Bad;” instead her voice resonates with youthful joy and rebellion. This is the type of anthemic jam that we want to hear from a young hit-maker nowadays, and Alexx Mack delivers in spades!

“Sunglasses” sees Alexx Mack descend further into a sense of carefree fun, as she sings about a night on the town with her friends. The young musician proves that she knows how to have a good time and avoid the haters, as her powerful vocals soar over a swirling electro-pop production. “Pour that tequila in my champagne glass,” Mack requests, which strikes us a sign of a pretty good night with her friends and a gentleman caller.

Alexx Mack takes things back in time with a lover on “Retro Romance.” The track is a simmering electro-love song that the “Bad” siren injects with the utmost of passion. Her vocals purr across the track’s verses as she seduces a lover and offers herself up to him. “Just like a virgin, and you’re Madonna / baby you can take me right now,” Mack teases her lover before the track builds up to an explosive chorus. The chorus ups the ante a bit, as Mack’s voice becomes more insistent and embraces her lover with tender promises. The final result is entirely sweet and sets the scene for some passionate young love!

Like We’re Famous may come to a close, but the party carries on into the night with the closing track “Red Eyes.” A stuttering production and some atmospheric synth sets the scene as Mack and her group of friends (who just so happen to party naked, no big deal) electrify a fading party. “We could use a little sleeping going all night / but we can see you with our red eyes,” the singer vows. If they can light things up on next to no sleep, something tells me that the show must go on. “Red Eyes” is the perfect song to close with because it’s evidence that the party doesn’t have to stop anytime soon!

Alexx Mack’s Like We’re Famous absolutely vibrates with life and energy. The album is an exemplary collection of electro-pop from a talented up and comer. At no point throughout the EP does Alexx Mack find herself swallowed by her frenzied production; instead, the talented musician becomes the music. She is the life of the party, and we don’t want this celebration to come to a close!

Review by Mike Nied

Source: https://popwrapped.com/news/113713/alexx-mack-lights-things-like-famous/